BMC tasked Darling with creating a compelling and differentiating advertising campaign to increase both brand and product awareness... in just two weeks time.

“Bring IT to Life” was the positioning we were given to create a campaign around. The selected campaign utilizes a headline structure that always begins with “IT” then is followed by an action. This personifies IT, to literally “Bring IT to Life.”

“IT saves lives”, is a headline for a case study ad about their work for the Swedish Coast Guard, while “IT service reborn”, is a headline for one of their star products that redefined the category.

The campaign created natural copy guidelines that could be used everywhere from the website to sales sheets and beyond.

Our launch campaign consisted of national print and digital executions including pre-roll, in and outbound paid-for banners. Today, we’re continuing the campaign with the addition of event marketing, and test market targeted TV, as well as additional print and digital executions.